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Welcome to Pratt’s first-ever Augmented Reality street Gallery!

Whether you’re a student, a community member, or just walking by, this gallery is for you. Here at Pratt, we have prided ourselves on making art, beauty, and creativity accessible to everyone. Since COVID-19 shut down our ability to keep campus open to the public, we’ve been working on ways to continue to spread art in Brooklyn. Please enjoy this (small, but growing) collection of digital work as a moment of inspiration, and a reminder that we’re all in this together.

If you’re interested in exhibiting in the gallery, please fill out the linked submission form below. This gallery is open to everyone - that means you don’t have to be a Pratt student to enjoy or exhibit with us! Submissions are rolling, so the gallery will be constantly expanding to include new artists and creators.

If you like what we’re doing, share this to encourage more people to get involved, or leave a comment on what you like or how we can do better. Happy creating!

This website will ask for your camera to be on and for your geolocation information to be enabled. Please note that Pratt Portals does not track, save, or share any information in any way!